The post-dawn, pre-sleep haze

20130612-201A3373-EditThere is one thing that I never want to see after ruminating in bed, unable to get to sleep for hours – dawn.

The budget cuts are here

20130530-201A2725The budget cuts are here. Though I’m okay with that, since I prefer ads put to underwear and strewn about campus.

Lying with Lightroom


Real life is dull on occasion, that’s why post-processing exists!

Out of the archives

20130220-201A8881-2This photo is from back in January when I was idling around Pyrmont with a camera and found a wonderfully decrepit building with a rusted heart key chain attached to a barbed wire topped fence. I’m in desperate need of blogging more up to date photos…


Instagram has nothing on me


20130414-201A1517 copy
I’m still taking photos! Just currently snowed under with assignments, commitments, determinants, condiments, …

Aspect ratio has been in the back of my mind ever since reading Ming Thein’s excellent dissection of the concept, and you can see a bit of that in my previous post on widescreen Australia Day. Today’s photo has been cropped to 3:4, this happens to be the same aspect ratio as TV from back before it got all elongated. If you’re old enough to still have that association hopefully this photo brings back lost memories of overdramatic B-grade TV shows for you.¬†Even if you aren’t old enough for the harkening back to TV the way Jesus intended, the desaturation, underexposure, vignette and added grain is intended to make the situation a bit grimey, and make you feel like you need to take a shower. Combining this with an over the shoulder shot makes it seem like you’re looking at something you’re not supposed to see – if this was that B-grade TV show it’d have to be called something along the lines “Confessions of a pair of camwhores”.

Incidentally the post-processing done on this image is available in Instagram, so just because someone has put all these filters on their photo doesn’t mean that it is a terrible photo. The fact that they took a bad photo, then pile on effects make it a terrible photo.

On a technical note this was shot with a flash+diffuser at f1.8, 1/200th of a second, which is a whole lot of light and generally a recipe for overexposure. Fortunately the 5d mk3 goes down to 50 ISO, giving the photographer a tonne of latitude for situations like this.

Australia Day, Now in Widescreen

Everything looks strangely cinematic when you put it in 16:9 widescreen. These photos are all from the first half of Australia Day 2013, which was so long ago at this point that I don’t really remember too much about any of them. However, I’m finding that I need to go through my photos much more regularly, since I currently have 900 photos to sort through.

In other news, my internship finished up :D So I can go back to taking photos and studying :D I’m excited, and you should be too!

20130126-201A3330 20130126-201A3343 20130126-201A3349 20130126-201A3356 20130126-201A3359 20130126-201A3376 20130126-201A3392 20130126-201A3398

The morning rush

Sometimes you have to go out of your way to find something unusual, sometimes it comes to you. Today was the latter.20130123-201A3280

Unicorn Food

I’m going to go broke giving money to all these street artists and their unicorns.20130122-201A3239 20130122-201A3263 20130122-201A3238 20130122-201A3262 20130122-201A3268 20130122-201A3236

The problem with clarity is that you might not like what you see

Astute readers will recognise this gent from a previous post.

Sad Children

There comes a point every day at Luna Park where the rides shut down. A point after which small children get refused entry to the ferris wheel. What you see below is the result of such a tragedy.20130117-201A3189


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