78) It’s a thing

Not a whole lot to see here, maybe a few more stars than usual…

In other news, today I went to the Lindt chocolate cafe, which was surprisingly good value and tasted absolutely amazing. The iced dark chocolate actually seemed like a thinned version of their 70% dark chocolate.

Laser tag with only two people is quite good, though occasionally the pair of you just get locked into standing still and shooting each other. It also lets you sneak up behind the other person and be generally stealthy.

Walked into Kinokuniya and Freedom in the Galleries Victoria where Phoenix and I decided that I need as many pentagonal ottomans as I could afford next year. (I was just informed that I need more than as many as I can afford)

Following this was wagamama for dinner, the food and service turned out to be very very nice, and the atmosphere was great, I’d highly recommend it. As an aside, I haven’t found any capital letters on their website…

Something else I’d highly recommend is Mary Poppins, The sets were magnificent, there were so many times when I was amazed at how well it had all been mechanised. The musical aspect of it was also stunning, everything was just perfectly done really.

And that is my day in a nutshell. Back to studying!



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