Back by popular demand (and new year’s resolution)!

The file exhibited above is a digital encoding of the light beams refracted through multiple layers of precision shaped glass and onto a photoelectric sensor array. The light rays refracted through correspond to the image of a converse, which reflected light mainly in the 475-490nm wavelength range. It was worn by a collection of molecules which I understand to be bound together into an entity I generally call “Beth”.

Oh hello there, it’s been quite a while. Though over the past month I’ve found that no less than three people have seen this blog! This was entirely unexpected since it seemed that most of my views were from companies posting spam comments. So thank you everyone who has seen this.

Due to this overwhelming demand, and my new year’s resolve to continue to blog daily, I return! In order to keep up with this, I’m going to cut this post short and talk tomorrow about my other new year’s resolutions.

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