New year’s resolutions redux, and also a lighthouse

Through a series of foreseeable events, today I found myself at the light house in Norah Head holding a camera with a wide-angle lens attached to it. The result can be seen above.

Also, more on the subject of New Year’s Resolutions, I have a list which may get added to throughout the year.

  • I will  get blogging everyday again, it’s tremendous fun and I get to use artsy words!
  • I will get fitter. Normally I hear people say they want to lose weight, but how much you weigh doesn’t hold much relevance on health, rather it’s symptomatic of your current state of health. Therefore by being fitter you will fall into a healthier weight whatever that may be.
  • I will start reading the stack of books that I own but haven’t actually started. I’ve had this terrible trend of just accumulating cool books and not actually reading them, but that will change! Recently I’ve finished “Gödel Escher Bach” by Douglas Hofstadter, which was incredibly terse yet even more interesting. Currently I’m a third of the way through “The Annotated Turing”, a copy of Alan Turing’s paper “On computable numbers, with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem” with annotations spread throughout to help make sense of it. At some point I’ll put up a post of the books I have to read.
  • I’m going to study more, hopefully this won’t be a problem given that I’ll be doing computer science and mathematics almost exclusively.

There are other things which are  more like New Year’s todos, things like learn assembly, learn haskell, change the theme on this blog to something which gives me more than one photo per page, make a website for my projects/resume/blog, make more lists, etc…

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