On lecturers

Two weeks in a row this man was sleeping at the back of UNSW’s Monday operating systems lecture, and there really should be no excuse for this. The lecturer (Kevin Elphinstone) is just a complete boss in so many ways. For instance, Kevin was teaching about the separation of user-mode and kernel-mode and a student brought up some subsystem of some operating system which he believed contradicted what we were being taught. After Kevin politely told the student that the student’s example was flawed, and the student refusing, Kevin calmly informed the student that he in fact wrote the example the student brought up and that the student was in fact wrong. There was applause. Apart from that, he’s cited by the textbook we use, as is just a really good lecturer. So yes, if you ever get the chance you should take the operating systems course at UNSW because it’s among other things, really interesting and really well taught. Photo from the 5th of March.

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