Playing catch up

I’m not sure if the internet has noticed, but I’m a bad person and haven’t updated this blog for quite a while. Fortunately, in the intrim I’ve still been taking photos/had photos of me taken so there is enough material for a handfull of posts before I’m back up to date.

It may seem strange that I have suddenly found the inspiration to put up two months of posts, and under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to this for another two months. However, I’m currently sitting at home coughing various lungs up and otherwise being zoned out and needed something not too intense that I could just sit down and do, so here I am :D. Though from now I’ll try to make my postings much more regular.


It may also seem strange that most of my photos recently have been of rock climbing, and I bear only one explanation for that – rock climbing is pretty awesome and I highly encourage you to try it. These photos are from the 25th of February.

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