A spectacular week


This week has been amazing, now, where do I begin? The beginning I suppose, it’s as good a place as any.

I have the great pleasure of helping Gift of Hearing, and on Tuesday we had a meeting with the illustrious Todd Sampson of Gruen Transfer fame. He of course had some wonderful ideas on how we could better mould our idea to suit TV advertising.

Later on Tuesday I wound up becoming the state director of training for informatics. To my knowledge this a very ill-defined position, but another way of saying that is that the position is whatever I make it. And what I want to do is get the word out to as many high school coders about informatics as possible, and thus turn them into high school computer scientists. Hopefully that all fares well.

Thursday had an amazing sunset! Straight through some clouds! Also Thursday was Oktoberfest – the German beers sticking out at weird angles from a grating might have been a giveaway.

Friday was CSEsoc trivia night, illustrated below are the goon box filled with scavenger hunt items, and topped with an extraneous high heel. Though another group couldn’t find a proper pair of high heels, so constructed their own!

Saturday I woke up to a summer internship offer from Google, which is always nice. I’ll be starting there in late November. Later on I found that looking at the sun through trees can be more fun than it sounds, especially after making the aperture as small as possible, giving you that nice starry effect.

And today (Sunday) might have been the best of all, I folded a fitted sheet. Take that reddit!

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