Stop press, I’ve made an important discovery


First of all, an apology is owed. Glorious flatmate of mine, I stole some of your yogurt, and for that I am truly sorry. I’d give it back, though I fear you might not want it. However, rest assured that it was part of an important discovery. You see, I’ve had some muesli sitting in my cupboard for some time looking rather unloved and tonight I combined some stolen yogurt with it, and it was amazing! This is leagues healthier than what I’ve been eating recently, you can most assuredly see the pancake topped with egg topped with maple syrup, and what you can’t see is the side of bacon. So among my plans for tomorrow I will acquire my own yogurt and some fruit! And devise some scheme to make up for the yogurt…

I’m excited.

In other news, summer dresses are apparently being worn now, and from an aesthetic perspective – I’m excited.

These really are exciting times.

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