Extreme new year’s day!


Happy new year everyone! By new year’s resolution I’m back for another round of blogging every day.

Like these photos, my new year’s day was quite extreme. I spent far too long messing around walking around Sydney to find public transport back to UNSW, and when I finally get home at 5:30am I find out that I left my keys at work… So after another few km walk a taxi and a bus I finally got home at 8am.

After that adventure I was somehow possessed to walk to Bondi to take photos, and of course there was no chance of getting a bus from there. I then found myself walking to Bondi Junction. Now if this all sounds like a lot of walking you’d be right, it adds up to about 20km. However there were a few skaters in the Bondi skate park, so that definitely made the entire trip more than worthwhile. Why the hell are you still reading this, go look at some photos. >:C

20130101-201A0633 20130101-201A0687 20130101-201A0688 20130101-201A0779 20130101-201A0826 20130101-201A0852 20130101-201A0859 20130101-201A0869 20130101-201A0874 20130101-201A0935

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