Never stop exploring

Never stop exploring. This is quite important, not just in a physical gallivanting around the countryside sense but on a more personal level too. Once you stop exploring new possibilities and new ideas you stagnate, and that’s just boring.

Today however I was exploring in a very physical sense, and went on an adventure to the Malabar Battery, an abandoned World War 2 gun placement just south of Maroubra. People seem to have delighted in writing creepy messages on the wall including ‘I can smell the future’.

If you do come here, make sure to go with a friend, one that you don’t like too much and that spooks easily. Then when you’re in the pitch-black creepy graffiti ridden tunnels you can jump out of the dark at them and give them the fright of their life. Happy adventuring!

20130106-201A1421 20130106-201A1423 20130106-201A1461 20130106-201A1464 20130106-201A2571 20130106-201A2594 20130106-201A2595 20130106-201A2622 20130106-201A2630 20130106-201A2637 20130106-201A2647 20130106-201A2657 20130106-IMG_2468

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