Australia Day, Now in Widescreen

Everything looks strangely cinematic when you put it in 16:9 widescreen. These photos are all from the first half of Australia Day 2013, which was so long ago at this point that I don’t really remember too much about any of them. However, I’m finding that I need to go through my photos much more regularly, since I currently have 900 photos to sort through.

In other news, my internship finished up 😀 So I can go back to taking photos and studying 😀 I’m excited, and you should be too!

20130126-201A3330 20130126-201A3343 20130126-201A3349 20130126-201A3356 20130126-201A3359 20130126-201A3376 20130126-201A3392 20130126-201A3398

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